Lake Street Dive at the Wang Theater!


By Katelyn Nappier:

On October 7th soul and electricity oozed out of Lake Street Dive and into the crowd, as bass player Bridget Kearney “rocked her Side Pony.”

Fans slowly trickled in during the opening act, Rubble Bucket. But by the time Lake Street Dive opened the show with “Godawful Things,” the beautiful Wang Theater was filled to its maximum capacity. In between Lake Street Dive’s most popular songs, they shocked the crowed with covers from The Kinks, Prince, and even Queen.

Lead singer, Rachael Price, connected with the audience with stories of her life in Jamaica Plain and how Boston will always be the bands home. Each song they played had a different vibe than the one before. The chemistry between the members of the band was undeniable as they made performing for a full house look effortless. It was truly one of the most beautiful shows I’ve seen. Between the Wang Theatres majestic interior and Rachael Price’s jazzy voice, it is safe to say I was in tears by the end of the show.

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