Pick of the Week: Alt-J “U&ME”

Alt-J "U&ME"
Graphics by Ainsley Basic

By Mehvish Ali, Staff Writer

Versatile indie-rock band Alt-J just released their new single “U & ME.” It’s safe to say that once again the band has introduced us to a whole new realm of their rare and original sound. The track comes from their upcoming fourth album The Dream.


“U&ME” echoes tunes and sounds of connectedness. With overtones of laid-back beats and diverse instrumentation, Alt-J pulls us into a dazed soundscape. It almost feels as though time is standing still in this song. The lyrics speak of a simpler time with your loved ones where notions of responsibilities and concerns don’t exist. Lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Newman sings “it's just you and me now. Hanging on to the memory of that day for the rest of my life.” 

“U & ME” is the perfect song to reminisce fleeting joyous moments with friends that make you feel as though nothing can be better than this instant. The track comes to life with funky grooves, lively percussions, edgy guitar riffs and ricochets of slow rhythms. Newman transports us to a parallel universe with his unique voice, Thom Sonny Green creates funky beats on his drums, and Gus Unger-Hamilton blesses our ears with his keyboard skills, producing an overall groovy tempo. 

Alt-J’s combination of eclectic sounds mixed with nostalgic lyrics is resonant of their previous work. The band’s music does not fit into just one category. Rather, they are characterized by being unafraid to take risks and generate mind blowing results.


The Dream will be Alt-J’s fourth album, the first since their 2017 LP Relaxer. The band is set to tour North America, starting February 25th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and wrapping up on 17th April in Toronto. The tour also includes a stop in Boston on April 14th at the Agganis Arena. Be sure to check out “U & ME,” as well as the music video. The visual, directed by the Hamilton’s brother, Prosper, showcases cool, illusory, dreamlike shots and is also the first one that features the entire band.

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