Our ‘All Occasions’ Valentine’s Playlist

Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia
Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia

If you’re longing for that love that once was…

“Right Side of My Neck” - Faye Webster

Key Lyric: You said you can't change your haircut / But it looks good anyway / I kinda wonder where you got it / And I doubt you even paid / The right side of my neck still smells like you 

Singer-songwriter Faye Webster’s 2019 release is an expression of contemporary longing but it sounds like it was pulled from an obscure, vintage country-rock LP. With a run time of 2 and a half minutes, I can never play it just once!

Breanna Nesbeth, Staff Writer


If you want a tender, yet realistic, love song…

Prototype” - Outkast

Key Lyric: I hope that you're the one / If not, you are the prototype / We'll tiptoe to the sun / And do thangs I know you like / I think I'm in love again

What I love about this song is that I can dedicate to past, present, and future lovers-- all at the same time. But in a good way! This is a song about cherishing being in love, while addressing the possibility of that love coming from a previous relationship, or going into a future one. The title, “Prototype,” suggests that even if that love fails, it’s still a step towards an idealized love.

Breanna Nesbeth, Staff Writer


If you are trying to escape a post-break up funk... 

“Ur Mum”- Wet Leg

Key Lyric: I don’t want you to want me / I need you to forget me / Yeah, I loved you, that was crazy / ’Cause you just don’t motivate me

“Ur Mum” by Wet Leg is the perfect musical remedy for anyone who is freshly (and unhappily) single. The Grammy-award winning duo express their post-breakup anger in this sprightly song. Its groovy bass line is paired with taunting lyrics and a “scream therapy” interlude. If you plan to spend this Valentine’s Day screaming about your exes, like myself, you may as well scream along with Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers of Wet Leg. 

Claire Dunham, Staff Writer


If you’re looking to celebrate the feeling of being in love…

“Love You For A Long Time” - Maggie Rogers

Key Lyric: “I saw your face and I knew it was a sign / and I still think about that moment / all of the time”

Maggie Rogers released this song as just a single, but it’s truly one of my favorite songs by her. I love listening to this song by myself because of how upbeat and joyful it is, but it’s also fun to dance around to this song with a partner of yours—speaking from experience. It’s become a favorite song in my relationship and it’s home to a lot of happy memories!

Erin Norton, Staff Writer


If you want a song that reminds you of your home (person or a place)...

“This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” - Talking Heads

Key Lyric: “Home, is where I want to be / but I guess I’m already there”

“This Must Be The Place” is a classic song from the Talking Heads. David Byrne himself claims that this song is a very personal love song. It’s evident from the lyrics that he’s not afraid to be vulnerable in this song in particular—something I personally thank him for, since this is a personal favorite song of mine. It makes perfect sense why this song is so popular for weddings—it’s so lovely to find something or someone that makes you feel like you’re home!

Erin Norton, Staff Writer


If you love someone who brought brightness into your life just when it felt darkest…

“Big Time” - Angel Olsen

Key Lyric: “Guess I had to be losing to get here on time / And I’m living, I’m loving, I’ve loved long before / And I’m loving you big time, I’m loving you more”

“Big Time” has an intriguing dichotomy between the soft tenderness of its soundscape and the loud proclamation of love that it stands as. The title track to Angel Olsen’s most moving album yet, it gracefully encapsulates the emotional intensity that underlines the whole album. Olsen wrote Big Time after a significant year in her life where she came out as queer, suffered the deaths of both of her parents, and broke up with her long-time partner. “Big Time” touches on all of this loss, but focuses most loudly on the new love she gained. Olsen’s sincere singing and the heart-aching, twangy instrumental backing cement the track in its place amongst the love songs ‘greats.’ 

Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


If you’re crushing hard and unsure if it's a requited love…

“The Only One” - The Black Keys

Key Lyric: “Mystery is what this is to me / I’m having no luck / like a ghost / the one that I love most / she disappears when I get near”

The Black Keys have more than a couple of love songs under their belts, but “The Only One” delivers most with its groovy overtones and smooth display of lyrical affections. The speaker is quite convinced that he’s found his one true love, repeating the title line frequently. In between the echoes, he sings of the daze he’s in. Yet, he says he’s had “no luck.” The song serves as the perfect soundtrack for having an intense crush where you don’t yet care if it’s unrequited. 

Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


If you're looking to wish your ex well, no matter how much it hurts…

Godspeed - Frank Ocean 

Key Lyric: “Wishing you godspeed /Glory/ There will be mountains you won’t move” 

Frank Ocean lays his soft voice over a haunting track carried by organ sounds and synth to create a song that embodies the pain and loneliness of moving on. The second to last song on his critically acclaimed album “Blonde” allows the listener to take a peek into his healing process. He wishes his last lover well as they both move on to bigger and better things, but at the same time he doesn’t ignore the emptiness he feels in their absence. If you’re ready to move on from the hurt and sadness of a breakup into a healthier place, “Godspeed” guides you their gently yet quickly. 

Sidnie Paisley Thomas, Staff Writer 


If you're still stuck on “Could’ve”, “Should’ve” and “If Only”...

Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac

Key Lyric: “You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loved you / Was I such a fool? / I follow you down to the sound of my voice will haunt you”

Stevie Nicks tells the heart wrenching story of what could’ve been on the song “Silver Springs” performed with the band Fleetwood Mac. She doesn’t shy away from the anger, regret, and betrayal she has from the end of her last relationship and instead embraces these feelings for us to hear. Her yelling over the crescendo of drums and and bass at the end of the song feels like a cathartic release, she’s angry about what happened and she’s not afraid to tell us. The idea of what could’ve been haunts her, the same way her powerful yet vulnerable voice haunts the listener. She wants the person who hurt her to know that she’s not only angry but vengeful, and she’s not afraid to wish that hurt right back on to them. 

Sidnie Paisley Thomas, Staff Writer 


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