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New Discoveries
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Nashville-based singer Maddie Medley breathes a sullen, yet angsty rock life into "Coming of Age." It begins with only the dark, haunting strums of her electric guitar. As the drums crash in, she vulnerably asks, "shouldn't I know how to do this by now?" For her, coming of age and love hasn't felt momentous and loud like it's shown in movies. It simply leaves her disheartened, as though she can't connect to the feelings she thinks she should be experiencing. The slightly twangy guitar coupled with her powerful airy vocals creates a massive, intoxicating sound.

- Megan Doherty, Staff Writer



It's easy to see why former President Obama listed "Cold/Mess" as one of his favorite songs of 2019. The ballad by Prateek Kuhad is full of tender emotions, amplified by haunting vocals and guitar. Lyrics like "my days, they begin with your name and nights end with your breath" sound sweet out of context, but Kuhad twists the meaning towards despair and unhealthy codependency. He'll take you through the many conflicting feelings caused by a toxic relationship, both beautiful and ugly.

- Riley Greenstein, Web Services Coordinator



Claud Mintz, known as Claud on stage, recently released their new song "Soft Spot". The lo-fi, dreamy pop sound captures your ear from the start. The song features a series of lyrics describing the feelings of missing someone and reminiscing on a past relationship. My favorite line is "pull the covers over our short hair, pretend the city wasn't there, like it was only just us two." This perfectly exemplifies the vivid memories of happy times with the person you love and how painful but bittersweet those memories can be. Keep a lookout for Claud's upcoming album Super Monster next month!

- Kelsey Sidman, Staff Writer



After following Taylor Swift's 15 year long career, I never expected her to write a song about murder. However, she crafted a masterful song about infidelity and revenge with "no body, no crime" featuring HAIM. Honing in on a country-leaning sound that calls back to her older music, Swift sings about a woman who goes to dinner with her friend Este. The friend confesses her suspicions about her husband's infidelity, and then disappears a week later. You'll have to listen to find out what happens next, but I promise that you'll enjoy the ride.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator


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