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Andrew Bird takes a page out of Emily Dickinson's poetry book on his latest song, "I felt a Funeral, in my Brain." With Phoebe Bridgers’ soft harmonies to accompany him, Bird gives new meaning to one of Dickinson's well known poems, exploring her inner world with his musicality. While Bird and Bridgers may not be local, Dickinson is. She grew up in Amherst in a prominent family, and wrote all of her poetry in her room at a house that still resides on Main Street. Inspired by both the beauty of the New England landscape, its people, and its role in the Civil War, she wrote hundreds of poems that changed poetry forever. Now, her poems have reached the realm of music, allowing Bird to bring his interpretation of her poetry to his listeners.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator



“Trouble” by Say She She sizzles long after the summer heat has dissipated. Released in July, the single carries all the cool anger and delicate frustration of a deteriorating relationship well into the cold months. Say She She uses simple, exacting lyrics and soaring harmonies to create a visceral — but never excessive — portrait of romantic betrayal. The verses build a sense of detachment through observation: “You look so strange, no longer mine.” The disappointment escalates so that when the band announces, “You’re trouble,” it has the intonation of a warning call. 

The members — Nya Gazelle Brown, Piya Malik, and Sabrina Mileo Cunningham — told Brooklynn Magazine that they combine their love of funk and classical training. Their ideal show involves the audience “just looking at each other and dancing with each other, like a proper disco.” With “Trouble” and their new album Prism, Say She She succeed in finding a distinct sound groovy enough to dance to. It’s also one that allows listeners to relish in the band’s vocal dexterity. The group is not afraid to push things further; to sing at increasingly higher pitches; or to capture an emotional apex. 

- Abby Lee, Staff Writer



Beat-heavy and funk-driven, “Pretty Kids” by Mehro will keep you warm this fall. The danceable tune will make you want to move around and keep you smiling on the way to your next destination. 

Based in the sunny city of Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter Mehro has over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. On Youtube, his music videos have been viewed more than 27 million times. Many of his songs are classified as alternative indie. 

The song “Pretty Kids” is about the teen angst rioting through one’s veins. Its compelling narration of the feeling of needing to “go-go-go” during  your teen years is paired with an allegro beat that makes you feel like Mehro is speaking to you personally at a dive bar or while waiting for the subway. All two minutes and 39 seconds are exhilarating. 

Mehro is coming out with a new album Dark Corners and Alchemy in 2023. 

- Kathia Dawson, Staff Writer


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