Live Music Week Fall 2020: We’re Here to Stay

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Live Music Week

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For over 70 years, WERS has been a proud member of the Boston community. In 2020 we've seen the bright lights of our city shine through some pretty tough times.

That's why the theme of Live Music Week 2020 was so easy to pick - Just like you, we are here to stay.

WERS has kept the music playing all year long through ingenuity, a little duct tape, and a passion for the work we do. We are so proud to be here in Boston with our community. 

We're giving away special prizes that feature the world class art, innovation, and dining all in our backyard here in Boston! To top it all off, every donation is entered to win our grand prize of New Year's Eve in the Berkshires promises a cozy, exquisite vacation, just a short drive down the pike.


Have a question for our membership team? Check out our sustaining member FAQ, or fill out the form below!

Sustaining Member FAQ:

Q: Does my sustaining membership ever expire?

A: Sustaining memberships never expire, and auto-renew once a year has gone by. 

Q: I am a sustaining member but my credit card has expired. How do I update it to keep my membership going?

A: The best way to update your credit card for your sustaining membership is by making a new donation here!

Q: What is the best payment method for a sustaining membership?

A: The best and most reliable way to give is through ACH Transfer!

Q: How important are sustaining memberships?

A: Sustaining memberships are extremely important and are what keeps this station running every single day.

All donations made to WERS are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by lawWERS is a department of Emerson College, EIN #04-128-6950

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