Boston Calling 2019: Friday Recap

By Nicole Bae

Boston Calling kicked off with cloudy skies and the brisk May wind, but the subpar weather didn't deter neither the audience members nor the artists.

As the gates opened at the Harvard Athletic Complex, excited concert goers rushed through the fields, decked out in band merch and festival gear.

Adia Victoria was one of the first artists to perform.

Her performance drew in more and more viewers as she sang, with an aura of mystery surrounding her. Her voice was bewitching and combined with the sultry instrumentation, she hypnotized the audience. Even as she addressed the crowd before her, her stage presence did not falter. It truly was a unique opening to Boston Calling, perhaps even a good omen for the exciting shows to come.

Adia Victoria at Boston Calling

Lord Huron didn't waste any time as they walked up to the stage.

As soon as each member was situated, they busted into their first song: "Meet Me in the Woods Tonight." You could sense the excitement in the crowd as more and more people kept showing up, sidling through the weaves of people for a closer view. Lead singer Ben Schneider stole the audiences' hearts with his longing vocals and beautiful lyrics, and his fedora added a dash of charisma to the performance.

Photography by Lizzie Heintz

Chvrches set the stage ablaze.

With a hot pink tutu and electric eyeshadow, front woman Lauren Mayberry twirled around the stage as the lights behind her exploded with color. Members Martin Doherty and Iain Cook shared the same energy, and it was obvious they were enjoying themselves as much as the Boston Calling attendees. The band began their set with "Get Out," and their high energy paralleled the audience, who shouted the contagious chorus with joy.

Photography by Lizzie Heintz

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