Live Music Week Fall 2021: Keep Discovering!

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This Live Music Week, we CELEBRATED the spirit of growth and discovery that inspires everything we do

For more than 70 years, WERS has been a home for independent thinkers and doers, for fresh sounds, and new perspectives. And while we never know what will spark the next great idea, we’re committed to being live, local, and your partner in discovery.

This Live Music Week, we dug up hidden gems, curated memorable playlists, and amplified voices in our community every day.

In order to prepare for all the great things that lie ahead, we need our members by our side. WERS runs on member support to keep us growing and thriving. The best is yet to come, and it’s just around the corner. So join us, and keep discovering!

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We are so grateful for your incredible support this Live Music Week. We had over one thousand people give this past week! Whether you're a new or returning member, it's people like you that help us keep the music and shows that you love on the air. From everyone at WERS: thank you!

To show just how appreciative we are — and also to wish everyone a Happy Halloween — we put together the video below featuring a few familiar faces…

From cozy winter beanies to classic black t-shirts, we have all the swag you need to show your support for the station. Click the banner above to see the selection of thank you gifts!

Live Music Week wouldn't be what it is without live music! Find our lineup of live sessions here, including which songs you don't want to miss from each artist.

Your donation not only keeps our music awesome and commercial free, it also supports the future leaders of media. Click the banner above to read and listen to testimonials from 'ERS alum and current students!

Have a question for our membership team? Check out our sustaining member FAQ, or fill out the form below!

Checks made payable to WERS can be sent to:

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All donations made to WERS are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by lawWERS is a department of Emerson College, EIN #04-128-6950

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