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By Sam Woolf

Whether you need the courage to climb a literal mountain or just to talk to a girl you like, music can bring out the greatness in everyone. There's nothing like an upbeat chorus to turn a gloomy mood around. If you're looking to feel fearless, turn on this playlist for the confidence to do anything!

Geronimo by Bombs Away

It's hard to find a song that's more feel-good than "Geronimo." The confidence in the lyrics is infectious. The percussion-like hand-clapping, tambourine, drum kit, and more make this catchy tune really unique. The lyrics remind listeners to go for their dreams - even if it's scary. Just make the leap and say "Geronimo!"

If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be) by Leon Bridges

Bridges has such an effortless way of conveying emotion to his listeners. This groove is a must when you aren't feeling your greatest: You'll be tapping your feet and dancing along in no time. The bass guitar licks add fullness to the song and the simple use of the triangle is an elegant extra flair. Turn on "If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)" to bring out the most easy-going, confident version of yourself!

Instead of My Room by Charlie Burg

This song has serious character. It's chock-full with witty lines and it has the feel of a chill performance in someone's garage. The drums and guitar add to the laid-back nature of the song as well. Burg has a kind of fearless quality in his lyrics and singing style, which will make listeners want to be bold too!

Away We Go by Bad Suns

Starting with a piano solo, this Bad Suns song builds and builds. With the drums constantly keeping the beat moving, Bad Suns looks to the future with positivity. Lead singer Christo Bowman sings about asking someone to dance for the first time and the amazing way their lives could go from there. Listen to "Away We Go" to remind yourself how great a nerve-racking decision could turn out to be.

Can't Knock the Hustle by Weezer

This song hits the ground running. Weezer's lyrics are all about sticking to the grind and chasing success. With soaring background vocals and funky guitar plucking patterns - this song has a lot of unique elements. If you need to get pumped up for a job interview or a big presentation, try listening to this Weezer tune to get in the zone.

Move by Saint Motel

Maybe there's something you've been wanting to do, but you just haven't built up the confidence to take that first step. This Saint Motel song will remind you that you "gotta get up - move!" With an awesome brass section, this upbeat tune will energize you. Now go write that novel! Go audition for that play! Sign up for those guitar lessons!

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