Broods Brings Intensity to Boston Venue



Georgia Nott, with her booming vocals, and Caleb Nott, with his impeccable synth skills, make up the brother-sister duo known as Broods. Broods are a New Zealand based and Lorde approved indie-electric pop band. The siblings’ debut album Evergreen is surely one to invest in if you have not done so already.

The tracks on the album are enough to keep you entertained, but the band is even more impressive live. Broods opened their Sinclair show with one of their singles from 2014 called “Never Gonna Change.” Once the four drumbeats, that signal the start of the single, boomed throughout The Sinclair, loyal fans cheered loudly. Georgia danced around the stage with purpose and Caleb backed his sister up with backing vocals and steady beats. Some outstanding performances from the night were “Bridges” and “Four Walls.” One of the bands more popular singles is “Bridges,” so they were prepared to make the audience wait for the hit. “Bridges” was played towards the middle of the set list and started out with Caleb steadily banging synth-beats in complete darkness with bright lights illuminating the floor and mezzanine with every hit of the synth creating a room filled with suspense. The suspense, however, was cut short as Caleb charmingly stopped the light show due to technical difficulties. After the synth-problem was solved, Georgia gave the song her all with her brother’s help and made the wait worth it.

“Four Walls” was possibly the highlight of the night. With all of the lights and electronic beats sounding throughout The Sinclair, the audience seemed to forget Georgia’s vocal chops. Broods made sure the audience left with recognition that their band was not one fundamentally instrumental based. Caleb abandoned his synth and moved to the keyboard. A single spotlight shined down on Georgia and she belted the lyrics of “Four Walls” leaving the audience entranced by her dreamlike, yet powerful vocal skills. Broods ended the show with “Coattails” and left the audience wanting more. Broods is a band that will leave its mark on the music industry sooner or later, that’s for sure. The duo will be performing at several different music festivals over the summer of 2015, so be sure to look into those performances if you like what you hear—trust me, you will

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