Boston Calling 2019: Saturday Recap

By Nicole Bae

Blue skies and calmer winds welcomed the second day of Boston Calling, as even more people poured into the Harvard Athletic Complex compared to the day before.

Sidney Gish took the red stage for one of the first performances of the day.

She had with her a stickered guitar and understated clothes. Her performance was as chill as she was when talking to the audience on stage, as she proclaimed how whenever she came up with banter before the show, it wasn't as natural. Her lyrics clearly resonated with the audience, as she finished up with a large applause from the crowd.

Photography by Lizzie Heintz
Photography by Lizzie Heintz

Right after Clario had left the stage, indie pop group Superorganism took the red stage right next door.

The band jumped right into it, singing hit after hit. At one point, front woman Orono Noguchi even did a cartwheel while technical difficulties were being fixed behind her. Her nonchalant charisma won the audiences' hearts, as I heard those around me be blown away by the band's background visuals and wacky outfits.

Hozier didn't waste any time as he hopped on stage, getting right into the first song of the night.

His set was full of power anthems, backed by amazing vocalists to truly bring out a dramatic experience. The crowd couldn't help but sing along, and the Irish singer even complimented our pipes. Blending his older classics with songs from his newest album (including WERS' favorite "Almost (Sweet Music)"), Hozier was one of the artists who closed the second night of Boston Calling. He truly made it a night to remember.

Photography by Lizzie Heintz

Photography by Lizzie Heintz

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