Five Artists to Check Out On Snow Days


- By Erin Christie -

As we get deeper into the winter, the nights are long, and the days grow colder, tinged with crisp gusts of snow. But with this prospect of so much extra time ahead of us with snow days, time that we would have normally spent nose- deep in a textbook or within files at the office, what are we meant to do?

With the prospect of so much more free time lying ahead, winter is the perfect time to spend delving into the extensive library of music released the past year and beyond, no matter if your favorite artist finally dropped a new record, or one of your closest friends has been hounding you to finally listen to an artist that they adore. Now, with this month- period ahead of you, you can finally take the time to plug in your earbuds, bundle up, and take to listening!


Despite their recently announced, and slightly heartbreaking, break- up, the five-piece that is The Walters-composed of Like Olson (who now has a solo project under the alias, L. Martin), Walter Kosner, Michael Terrabassi, Dany Wells, and Charlie Ekhaus-remains beloved in the hearts of many. Hailing from the "windy city," The Walters became famous for their sweet, indie rock- persuaded discography, defined by toe-tapping melodies and lovey-dovey lyrics to match, describing love lost and love soon-to-be.

Tracks to check out:

  1. I Haven't Been True
  2. Fancy Shoes
  3. Goodbye Baby


Check out Beach Fossils LIVE in the WERS Studio here.

Brooklyn heroes, Beach Fossils, is a warm hug on a cold, winter's day (especially considering how frigid this coming season is bound to be).  Having a track-list comprised of what can be defined as "surfer rock" with an indie, lo- fi twist, the group-made up by Dustin Payseur, Jack Doyle Smith, and Tommy Davidson-has gained a cult following undoubtedly.  Defining a new wave of off-brand, off- radio genius, Beach Fossils has launched their career off their low-fidelity, palpably nostalgic, and atmospheric vibe, something that makes for them perfect during times when one needs to simply stare off into space, to times when one could break their ankles from dancing so wildly.

Tracks to check out:

  1. Tangerine
  2. In Vertigo
  3. Calyer


Vancouver, Canada's Peach Pit is a band that could typically defined as "weird," but in the absolute best way possible. Refusing to let the industry's expectations confine them into a box, the four-piece-of Peter Wilton, Chris Vanderkooy, Mikey Pascuzzi, and Neil Smith- has taken to expressing themselves through bizarre, yet beautiful imagery and soft and subtle vocals, creating what they call a blend known as "chewed bubblegum pop."  Effortlessly combining utter teen angst with the vibes that accompany the typical "summer bummer," Peach Pit effortlessly draws in fans, each of whom relating to their sense of ennui and disappointment in the world and in themselves and who have a knack for melodic, toe-tapping tunes.  

Tracks to check out:

  1. Did I Make You Cry on Christmas Day? (Well, You Deserved It!)- a cover - (released Dec. 14th)
  2. Alrighty Aphrodite
  3. Seventeen


Chicago's Mild High Club, an Alex Brettin solo project-turned-collective, has continued to peddle the 70's-inspired, lo-fi movement, inspired heavily by artists such as Mac Demarco and the like. Combining beautifully impressive vocals, rich in emotional intimacy, with blunt, aesthetically-pleasing vintage riffs.  Exploring areas of sound covered in decades past-reminiscent of The Beach Boys' "Till I Die" and other key pieces of the era-Mild High Club pays homage to the lush, psychedelic tropes that made indie- alternative music what it is today, and that is something that is incredible worthwhile.  

Tracks to check out:

  1. Homage
  2. Note to Self
  3. Rollercoaster Baby


Brooklyn-natives, The Drums-fronted by the lovely Jonny Pierce - has only continued to embark on their journey toward replicating 80sesque cool, combining elements of the past, with the perfect pieces of indie pop today to create some of the greatest records that I, personally, have ever heard. Johnny's sweetly intoxicating vocals, when mixed with glittery guitar pieces, beyond-catchy hooks, and an overall light-hearted feel. Having released a discography filled to the brim with a range of absolute bops to heartfelt ballads, The Drums' true sense of versatility allows them to stand out amongst the crowd and garner the attention that they deserve.

Tracks to check out:

  1. It Will All End In Tears
  2. Heart Basel
  3. Me and the Moon

Returning to summery- vibes and music radiating pure warmth- as this list suggests- becomes a huge factor in determining how you encounter the winter chill: will you spend your winter days stuck in your typical album cycle, or will you break free and listen to some new classics, adding to your library and to your musical headspace?  

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