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This week on WERS Companion Guides, we're focusing on how to stay connected with those you love. During this time of social distancing, many extended families, friends, and even significant others are separated, whether by minutes or miles. It can be hard not only to stay connected but to make connections meaningful or fun. Our professional and student staff here at 88.9 put our heads together to come up with the following ways - beyond a simple text, call, or Facetime - to stay connected and still keep the fun going all quarantine long!

Have a Netflix Watch Party 

In the past few weeks, binge-watching has become the best and easiest national pastime. Though you might not be able to have your friend group over to watch your favorite show together and bond over your mutual dislike or love for certain characters (Thoughts on Rachel and Ross from Friends, anyone?), Creative Coordinator Nicole Bae suggests you can virtually come together on the app Netflix Party! This app allows you and several other people to start a virtual "party" and synchronously watch anything on Netflix! No more "three, two, one… Press play now!" Download the app today and get back to the binge-fest! Our staff suggests Tiger King, The Office, or Arrested Development for some lighthearted laughs to get you started.

Keep Date Night Alive

Separated from your SO? Never fear, date night can still happen even long distance! Associate Director of Development Ashley Peterson here at 88.9 suggests having a night in with your SO over Facetime, complete with calling in takeout for one another. No matter how many miles separate you and your SO, you can keep things interesting by ordering takeout for your SO from their favorite local place. Just call in the order and give your SO's address for delivery; make it a little fun by ordering something your SO has always talked about trying, but never has! If you time everything perfectly, you can have dinner together virtually, from anywhere in the world.

Social Media Coordinator Sam Woolf also suggests picking a new show to binge-watch with one another online! While you're chowing down on your respective takeout meals, pop on some TV! If you're not a Netflix person, Blog Editor Lily Doolin (that's me typing this!) suggests The Mandalorian or Marvel's Runaways on Disney+, and Future Man or Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. 

Get Your Online Game On

Our student staff is full of serious gamers - and what better way to have loads of fun with your friends and family? The competitive spirit doesn't have to die while we're all separated. We've all been obsessed (rightfully so) with the latest Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch, a game where you can build your own town and visit the towns of your pals. It sounds pretty simple, but it's strangely addictive, and is super kid-friendly for parents looking to keep youngsters preoccupied!

There's also more adult-oriented games for consoles like the PS4 and Xbox. Some staff picks that can be played cross-platform, or on all consoles) are Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Rocket League. If you're looking for a game that doesn't require any sort of software or purchase, put on your wizard hat and play a Dungeons and Dragons campaign! 

Celebrate Life's Special Moments Virtually

WERS Blog Editor Lily stepping in here to break the fourth wall and tell you about how my family and I are celebrating some of our special moments. My family has quite a few birthdays during this time of year, on top of Mother's Day and other celebrations we have. We're especially sad to be separated for my littlest cousin's birthday party this weekend, as we always throw a big get-together. Instead, we're having a Zoom dance party! My whole family is going to log on, turn up the music, and get to dancing with one another in our own homes! When it comes time for the cake, we're all going to make our own desserts, and sing happy birthday together and watch my cousin open presents.

It's not much, but it's important now more than ever to celebrate the happy things in life. This goes for anniversaries and other celebrations that are being postponed - find ways to conduct them virtually while we're all waiting to be back together once again! 

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