Uncommon Concert Calendar May 24-31

Here at ‘ERS, we love live music! That’s why we created the Uncommon Concert Calendar— your guide to the best concerts in Boston. Each week, our intrepid music staff picks out some upcoming concerts you won’t want to miss.



8:00pm, Tuesday, May 28th

Shannon and the Clam’s vintage-infused sound is warm, nostalgic and effortlessly cool. The band’s latest album The Moon is in the Wrong Place was released just this month, meaning their upcoming show at the Sinclair in Cambridge will be a phenomenal opportunity to see the band share tracks new and old. Produced by Dan Auberbach of the Black Keys, the group’s latest album features some of the band’s most energetic and unique arrangements to date. “Big Wheel” in particular feels absolutely electric to listen to, and seems like it will be nothing less than party-like to experience live. But that’s not all the album has in store… New track “Real or Magic” sees Shannon and the Clams slow it down. Fit for a movie scene or some slow dancing, it shows off the beautiful range of frontwoman Shannon Shaw. Make your Tuesday night tread that same feeling between “real” and “magic” by spending it with Shannon and the Clams at their upcoming live show.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



7:30pm, Tuesday, May 28th

Come out to the Wilbur Theatre this Tuesday to hear Kathleen Hanna of Rebel Kill rock out to the tune of….. a moderated discussion about her new book, Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk! Don’t attend this event expecting noisy Riot Grrrl fare, but rather come with a tamer listening ear to hear about Hanna’s experience in the pivotal music movement and beyond. Her new memoir has garnered editorial praise for its raw and blunt portrayal of, well, Hanna’s “Rebel Girl” world. Author and Harvard University professor Imani Perry will moderate. Already an instant New York Times bestselling memoir, a copy of Rebel Girl will be provided with each ticket purchase.

- Sofia Giarrusso, Staff Writer



Thursday, May 30th with IAN SWEET

Continuing the “blast from the past” theme started by Shannon and the Clams on this week’s Uncommon Concert Calendar edition, Brooklyn-formed trio Nation of Language feel straight out of the ‘80s despite forming in 2016. Cue the electronics and almost New Order-Joy Division mashup-sounding vocals! Nation of Language’s latest album, Strange Disciple, came out last year and features some of their most emotionally impactful tracks to date (could there be a more touching love song than “Weak In Your Light?”). Lucky for you, you don’t have to take a time machine to hear music as powerful and ‘80s-sounding as New Order… Nation of Language are playing Royale this Thursday and would love for you to come on out!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



7:00pm, Thursday, May 30th

Mint Green and sidebody aren’t brand new to the Boston music scene. Mint Green formed in 2015 (with lead singer Ronnica finding their drummer Daniel Huang on Craigslist) and sidebody forming during the early months of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, when three friends from high school were in the suburbs with little to do, “picked up instruments they didn’t know how to play, and shared moments became songs,” their Spotify bio section reads. Despite the groups having been around the block, starting by playing basements and making it so far as the Boston Calling stage in the case of Mint Green and opening for Maggie Rogers in the case of sidebody, they remain two of the freshest faces in the local music scene due to the way that their sounds cut through the sludge of overly recycled indie sounds to deliver something innovative and exciting.

Check out our interview with Mint Green and our album review to learn more about the emo-pop and alternative-inspired band. And in the case of sidebody, you’re just going to have to trust me when I say that they radiate love on stage (for the crowd and one another), scream “Somerville” in the best way possible, and are buckets of fun. And did I mention this Thursday is their sophomore album Full Time Job’s release show? Catch these two local acts at Deep Cuts Deli in Medford on the 30th!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



7:30pm, Friday, May 31st

Last year, Delhi, India-based artist Prateek Kuhad stopped by Studio 889 to deliver a bone-chilling, all-acoustic set. While his show at Royale will certainly feature some songs that are just as sweet-sounding, you can expect some with more of a built-up sound, too, to really get you moving. Kuhad’s brand new single “Just Like A Movie” is a cross between the two, even— he sings about the feeling of falling in love and the risks that might come with it over upbeat instrumentals. When he was signed to major U.S. record label Elektra Records in 2020, Prateek Kuhad, who lived in the U.S. while attending NYU, became the first Indian artist on the label. He is breaking ground and only getting bigger, so jump at your chance to see Prateek Kuhad live at the Royale next Friday night!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator

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