Three Female Led Bands to Add to Your Playlist

By Kelli DiTomasso:

As an on air DJ at WERS, and a musician myself, I have always treasured music in all its forms. From broadway to punk rock, I am entranced by it all. While I will listen to just about any artist you throw my way, I have always had a special place in my heart for female lead bands. In my opinion, there's nothing better than a group of unapologetically cool ladies rockin' out. In my first blog post, I want to celebrate some of the cool women who make some of the best music around, and who deserve a spot on your next playlist. Here are three incredible female lead bands that you need to start listening to today:

Lady Pills

If you're looking for an incredible female lead group to jam out to while in Boston, look no further than Lady Pills. The all female trio consists of vocalist/guitarist Ella Boissonnault, bassist Alison Dooley, and drummer Claire Duhring. On their facebook page, the band describes their sound as "sad music that you can dance to", a humble way to categorize their catchy yet meaningful tunes. Their full length album Despite will leave you dancing alone in your room, eager to add them to every playlist you've ever created.

Song to Check Out: "Make Out" off of Despite


According to old reliable wikipedia, the word Lemuria "is the name of a hypothetical 'lost land'", but I like to think of it as the pop-punk band of my dreams. Lovingly named after a mysterious lost continent, Lemuria provides listeners with a seamless blend of upbeat pop and grungy punk. The trio hails from Buffalo New York, and consists of vocalist/guitarist Sheena Ozzella, vocalist/drummer Alex Kerns, and bassist Max Gregor. If you've been wanting to get into pop-punk but haven't found the right artist, this is the band for you. They make pop-punk music so easy to love, and once you've heard Sheena's killer vocals, there's no turning back.

Song to Check Out: "Brilliant Dancer" off of The Distance Is So Big


Alvvays, pronounced 'Always', is the Canadian indie-pop band that I desperately wish I could be in. Releasing their first full length album in 2014, Alvvays is sure to be a hit on your next summer playlist. Headed by vocalist Molly Rankin, Alvvays transports you to a new world where everything is full of reverb and nothing hurts. Rankin's airy vocals are something from a dream, and will make you forget about the harsh Boston winter, if only for a moment.

Song to Check Out: "Archie, Marry Me" off of Alvvays

While I could go on forever listing iconic female lead bands that you need to listen to, I will spare you the rant (for now). Make sure to give these bands a listen, and keep exploring new artists! You never know what rockin bands you could find. In the end, it's all about the music discovery.

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