The Musical Box Set You Need to Own: Wildflowers & All The Rest

By Jersey Hal

The music of Tom Petty is in constant rotation on The WERS Playlist because we know you enjoy his music.

One of our favorite Petty songs, “Wildflowers”, was created and sung by Petty into his tape recorder in 1992. It took Petty 3 minutes and 11 seconds to create the masterpiece, but it took 6 years to produce Wildflowers and All the Rest. This comprehensive box set of the music of Tom Petty is a must own for Petty fans.

While you hunker down during the pandemic, this box set that will keep you in good company. Four different editions exist, ranging in size from a basic version with 25 tracks on two CDs or three LPs, to the most deluxe package with 70 tunes on five CDs or nine LPs.

Wildflowers & All The Rest features all the music we love of Petty. It includes demo cuts, surplus outages, home recordings and live performances.

This box set is like going to the Tom Petty candy store and being able to choose any of the musical candy you want. Some of our favorites include : “Crawling Back To You”, “Time To Move On”, and “Leave Virginia Alone”. Have a tissue ready when you hear the home recording version of “Wildflower” as his voice and music will remind you of the void he created when he died in 2017.

With the holidays coming up, you could give the basic box set as a present to friends and family. I would suggest forgetting the family, spending the money on yourself and splurging for the Deluxe Edition Box set.

You love his music. Since it’s going to be a long Winter, be the king of your Tom Petty music collection. As Tom has always sung, ”It’s Good To Be King”.


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