Update On Studio 889’s Rebuild

Update On Studio 889's Rebuild
Graphics by Angie Pham

Last Spring, we asked you to donate to our Live Music Week: Makeover Edition.

You did, and we've been working hard all Summer to completely renovate Studio 88.9 (OK, the contractors and engineers have been working on it.)

We’re not quite finished, but wanted to show you the progress YOUR donations have made possible so far.

This Fall we’re welcoming local, indie and iconic artists back to the studio for live sessions that will look and sound better than ever! We just had our first one with Squirrel Flower on October 24th, and are so excited to continue having more musicians by.

THANK YOU for supporting WERS, live music, local music, and the chance to train students in the state-of-the-art Studio 88.9!

And if you feel like helping, you can donate here.

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