Pick of the Week: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss “Can’t Let Go”

"Can't Let Go" Robert Plant Alison Krauss Graphics by Ainsley Basic

By Mehvish Ali, Staff Writer

“Can’t Let Go” covered by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss feels as though time has stood still since 2007, when they first released the album Raising Sand. After 14 years, the pair has come together again, blessing our ears with this sweet, euphonious melodic track. 

Bluegrass maestro and singer Alison Krauss and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant met at a 2004 Lead Belly tribute concert where they collaborated on the song “Black Girl.” The rest was history. Ever since the release of their Grammy award winning collaboration album Raising Sand, there had been a lot of talk about the duo recording another track again, but unfortunately, nothing has emerged until now. 



“Can’t Let Go” was originally written by Randy Weeks and recorded by Lucinda Williams for her 1998 album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. Plant and Krauss’ version features a low beat country style melody coated with their honeyed vocals. A track with a harmonious tune, it balances out the heaviness of the lyrics. “See I got a candle and it burns so bright, in my window every night. Well, it’s over. I know it but I can’t let go,” the song goes. It alludes to the irresistible, uncontrollable feeling of being so enamored and infatuated with someone that you can’t seem to let go of them, even though in your heart you know it’s over. Although the song features an upbeat funky groove, one cannot help but be moved by the track’s lyricism. 



When Krauss and Plant get together, there’s magic that takes place in their work. Their communication and friendship is electric which is reflected in the music they create. There’s no doubt that the pair can make history when they come together. 

“Can’t Let Go” is the new single from their upcoming album, Raise the Roof. In the meantime, Plant and Kraus are working together to plan a tour in 2022. Make sure to mark your calendars for the new album coming out on November 19th.


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