Pick of the Week: Billie Eilish “LUNCH”

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By Sofia Giarrusso, Staff Writer

Ever since the release of her 2017 EP Don’t Smile At Me, singer-songwriter and producer Billie Eilish has proved time and time again that she is worthy of her exponential rise to international stardom. Hits like “bad guy” and “Happier Than Ever” have cemented her unique fingerprint in music as she and her musical collaborator and brother FINNEAS mix pop, electric and R&B sounds with darker tonal influences. Eilish is only 22 years young with nine Grammy awards to her name thus far, furthering her as one of the most influential musicians of this generation. 

“LUNCH,” the lead single off of her new album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT, is an unapologetic anthem filled with sultry lyricism and rhythmic instrumentation. The highly anticipated album comes mere months after Eilish’s Academy Awards Best Original Song win for “What Was I Made For?” off of the Barbie (2023) soundtrack. Not only do “LUNCH” and her Barbie track comparatively demonstrate Billie Eilish’s diverse range, but they also suggest she is an artist we should expect to look out for throughout the near and far future. 



“LUNCH” is a totally danceable track that is saturated in masterful production. It starts and ends with a killer bass line and roaring synths. The two components highlight Eilish’s own varied vocal performance. From her initial introduction mere seconds into the single, Eilish’s vocals appear tame. Eventually, they build intensity in tandem with the instrumentation. By “LUNCH’s” conclusion, Eilish’s voice and backing track distort into headbanging fare, reminiscent of the electronica of the 2000s. 

Playing with traditional song structure, “LUNCH” muddles the order of verses and choruses. This reorganization results in another addicting and replayable hit for Eilish. The track can get repetitive at times, especially with the lyric “I could eat that girl for lunch,” but it rather works in her favor in an eye worm-type fashion. On the other hand, the instrumentals of “LUNCH” transition a fair amount for only being a three-and-a-half minute song, keeping the listening experience fresh throughout. 

Though “LUNCH” is more laid back compared to many Billie Eilish tracks, her vocal performance does not falter. The switch between casual and more technical approaches does not sound strained and smoothly carries the track along. The lyrics and literal sound of the single do not compete for attention, and both are strong facets on their own.



Eilish made waves when she unintentionally came out as queer during an interview late last year. She took this media attention with a light heart stating, “It’s exciting to me because I guess people didn’t know, but it’s cool that they know.” “LUNCH” serves as an additional exclamation of Eilish’s queer identity as she simultaneously makes space for more LGBTQIA+ representation in music and beyond.

The lyrics of the HIT ME HARD AND SOFT single depict Eilish’s attraction to an unnamed woman. Using sexual innuendos and unabridged raunchiness, Eilish does not hold back as the “lunch” she refers to is, well, the woman she’s seeking. She proudly sings lines like “Been tryin' hard not to overeat. You're just so sweet” and “Yeah, she dances on my tongue. Tastes like she might be the one.” While mainstream queer presentations in music have increased in recent years, clear and loud representation from stars like Billie Eilish continues to be pivotal in normalizing various LGBTQIA+ identities. So, “LUNCH” is not only a contender for ‘Song of the Summer’ because of its head-bopping sound, but also for its playful subject matter. 



The video that accompanies “LUNCH” is fairly stripped back compared to other Eilish tracks like “when the party’s over.” Featuring her characteristic baggy wardrobe, the concept is simple: Billie singing and dancing around in a colorless void. The cinematography is dynamic and utilizes distortion lenses as the saturation and sharpness of the visuals are brought up to their extremes. The result is a spirited video that shows off Eilish’s energetic appeal, mimicking the vibe of “LUNCH” itself, and further establishing it as an all-around good time.


Eilish will be hitting the road (and air!) for the HIT ME HARD AND SOFT: THE TOUR, an international adventure spanning September 2024 through July 2025. Though most shows are already sold out, including her October 11th show at TD Garden, continue to keep an eye out for Billie Eilish and her lively musical prowesses. 


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