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Harry Styles, Laura Veirs, Art d'Ecco
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Released as the first single off of his third album, “As It Was” serves as a breakaway from Harry Styles’ previous works. The song, still very much Styles-esque, chooses to replace his usual nods to ’80s rock references and inspirations, like Bowie. In their place are elements that tend to remind the listener of the more popular disco themes, like A-ha’s “Take on Me.”

While the instrumentals may be fun and synthesized, the lyrics themselves hold a reflective sadness. Harry describes a love lost, repeating the phrase “You know it’s not the same as it was” on a loop. It’s almost as if he is chasing a person who no longer holds the same placement in his life. 

As the lead single off of his upcoming album, Harry’s House, the song comes as a pivot from his previous works. Both singles leading up to Styles’ previous albums never dealt with issues directly correlating with heartbreak. The addictively upbeat sad song foreshadows a promising future for the release of Harry’s House on May 20th.

- Kira Weaver, Staff Writer



Perfect for this past Mother’s Day weekend, Laura Veirs describes the powerful role mothers have in her new song “Winter Windows.” Talking about the song in a press release, Veirs stated, “It’s very much about the strength of mothers and the power that women in cooperation have to shape their own lives and the lives of children.” The song opens with fuzzy guitars and a driving drum beat that consistently propell the song forward. The repetition of this song feels reminiscent of punk music and gives it an extra bite. Veirs’ new record Found Light comes out July 8th.

- Meghan Hockridge, Program Coordinator



“Only Ones” is the newest release from British Columbia-based solo artist Art d’Ecco, and we really can’t stop dancing to this song. This song and the rest of Art d'Ecco’s discography pull inspiration from glam rock music, but he puts his own twist on it to make it unique. It’s very exciting to know that “Only Ones” and other new songs will be featured on his upcoming album, After The Head Rush. The full LP will come out June 24th. 

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant


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