New Discoveries: Crowded House, Dodie, and More

New Discoveries: Crowded House, Dodie, and More
Graphics by Kevin Shin


After a decade since their last album, Crowded House gears up for their next record with "To The Island." The song opens with their voices creeping over one another, accompanied only by drums. The song slowly builds, adding to the initial chanting throughout. Known best for their music in the '80s, Crowded House is taking their new music in a fresh, more modern direction. Their seventh album, Dreamers Are Waiting, is set to come out June 4th.

- Meghan Hockridge, Staff Writer



20-year-old Jelani Aryeh's latest tune, "Marigold," comes just in time for summer. With its bright bass grooving along his smooth vocal melody, it feels like warmth and sunshine. The song radiates hope and sweetness as Aryeh sings, "Playing your stereo loud, flaunting your taste. Blazing the space around you with love, light, and marigold sounds." Dreamy vocals and a pumping kick drum keep the song racing forward with excitement and bliss. Touches of crisp electric guitar paired with various unique production details make "Marigold" sound like indie-rock renewed. Watch out for Aryeh's upcoming album, out this summer. 

- Megan Doherty, Staff Writer



Popular YouTuber turned full-time musician Dodie secures her place in the music industry with her catchy single, "Hate Myself." She's known for her ukulele-driven songs interwoven with her soft vocals. However, she adds more substance with this track, incorporating syncopated beats, airy harmonies, and simple piano chords. Dodie explores self-hatred through her lyrics, but it's all very light-hearted. You can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of any negative feelings you have against yourself.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator



One of the queens of the indie genre, Lucy Dacus, has released a new single titled "Hot & Heavy". The song features the beautiful vocal variety of the Boygenius singer with her rich and smooth tone. It's unlike anything else I've heard. Dacus wrote the song about personal growth, singing, "being back here makes me hot in the face." Look out for her third album, Home Video, releasing June 25th!

- Kelsey Sidman, Staff Writer


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