Natalie Prass Captivates the Sinclair


A slender frame, a mere couple of feet above the seated crowd, Natalie Prass walks on stage at the Orpheum.  Just her presence alone is one that has the ability to captivate the entire Orpheum theatre for the entirety of her set. Prass’s combination of her relaxed demeanor and her painfully relatable lyrics demand an attention that makes you feel as though she’s singing the anthem for your relationship history, nostalgic for a past that may not have even happened. The contrast of her raspy speaking voice which is unafraid to tell her audiences even the most self-deprecating of stories involving shell necklaces and her Virginian roots quickly transforms into a voice that sounds as though it belongs in an open mic night hosted by a smoky French cafe. With the help of her band, Prass and company effortlessly exaggerate the parts of her self-titled album released earlier this year that emulate elements of smooth jazz and blues music. This, combined with a voice that sounds as though it could be found amongst the likes of Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson, made for a relaxing evening full of charmingly bold storytelling, both through Prass’s honest lyricism and relatable personal anecdotes strewn throughout the seamless set.  Watching Prass perform is an experience everyone needs to witness at least once.  Listen to here on 88.9 WERS to get a taste of what Prass can offer!


By: Graceann Burns

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