DJ Kate’s experience at Rosie’s Place

"Are you the girl who hosts's All A Cappella on Sundays? I love that show!"

It's always a little surprising when someone can pick my voice out as the host of Boston's only a cappella program, but it took me by surprise a little more than usual when it was a woman eating lunch at Rosie's Place who figured it out.

We met while I was volunteering back in the spring and I think the reason I was caught off guard was because it can be easy to lose track of how much music connects us. All of us.

After a short conversation, I got back to work serving lunch to the other women and children in the Rosie's Place dining room. We would go on to serve more than 120 meals, and it was all because last December listeners like you contributed to our Community Service Fundraiser.

But how does that work? From now until the end of the year, every $500 donated in support of independent music and programs you love on WERS will be turned around into an hour of community service to Rosie's Place. Last year we served 240 hours and personally, I'd love to see us do even more.

Help us increase our commitment to Rosie's Place by donating HERE.

Thank you and happy holidays,

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Katelyn Nappier

Former host of All A Cappella
WERS Student Membership Coordinator


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