Boston Called, and Miike Snow Answered

Mike snow 2

Miike Snow at Boston Calling 2016. Photo by Ross Ketschke

By Suzie Hicks

Indie-pop group Miike Snow played out the daylight on day 2 of Boston Calling, heating everyone up  just as soon as they finally  began to cool down. The group got the energy flowing immediately, opening with the single “My Trigger” from their album iii.

The Swedish band consists of producing partners Bloodshy and Avant, along with singer Andrew Wyatt. Since forming in 2007, they have released three albums: Miike Snow, Happy To You, and most recently, iii. Before collaborating with Andrew Wyatt, the duo had previously worked with artists such as Madonna, Sky Ferriera and Britney Spears.

Wyatt commanded the stage with his loose fitted tshirt, cool sunglasses and just the right length of hair as he effortlessly switched from tambourine to keyboard and wooed the crowd over the ever-evolving synthesizers. His voice echoed through City Hall Plaza, either mesmerizing the audience with his ethereal tone or impressing them with his range. 

Mike snow1

Miike Snow- Boston Calling 2016. Photo by Ross Ketscke

By the time the group performed their most recent hit—”Genghis Khan”— audience members were enthralled by the high energy band members jumping across the stage. Each number brought a different energy to the performance. The combination of heavy bass and melodic song provided an experience that was both fun for those looking to bump and enlightening for the more musically inclined members of the audience. The group worked seamlessly together to allow the sounds to capture audience’s attention, and while at times it seemed slightly subdued, the group managed to keep everyone on their feet. Mike Snow’s performance overall wowed their fans and left a packed Boston crowd wanting more as they made their way to the next performance.

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