A Message from WERS General Manager, Dr. Jack Casey

FROM: Dr. Jack Casey, General Manager of WERS
RE: Potential Defunding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting


Dear Friend of WERS,

You may have heard about the potential cuts to funding for public media in the proposed federal budget.

This is a critical moment for public radio and WERS would be remiss if we didn’t plan for a future without federal support for the programs and music you love on 88.9.

You can help us plan for that future by becoming a sustaining member today. Your membership will directly impact all of the music you have come to depend on here at WERS.

We hope you will demonstrate your support by becoming a sustaining member of WERS today.

Should the proposed cuts to funding for public radio be enacted, your sustaining membership will be the financial backbone of WERS.Sustaining members provide financial security through dependable monthly donations, which allow us to budget more effectively.

Currently we bring you a variety of programs that you will hear nowhere else in the Boston area, including the music and culture of the Jewish faith on Chagigah, Broadway and show tunes on Standing Room Only, A Cappella music on All A Cappella, R&B and Slow Jams on The Secret Spot, and music for Children on The Playground.

Protect those unique programs and WERS by becoming a sustainer member today.

Dr. Jack Casey
General Manager
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P.S. If you would like to support WERS and Boston’s other fantastic public radio stations another way, you can sign the petition calling for continued federal support of public radio here.

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