9 Songs to Discover – Live Music Week Edition!

Love the in-studio performances we’ve been featuring here on 88-9 this Live Music Week and want to discover more? Well then, this is just for you! Our dedicated students who make up the Music Team here at WERS have put together a special edition of 9 Songs to Discover featuring many of the bands who have either premiered already or will soon. To check out the full artist schedule, click here. Otherwise, dig in and enjoy!

  1. Communist Daughter – “Role a Stone”

The Communist Daughter’s sophomore album The Cracks That Built the Wall combines deeply personal songwriting of Johnny Solomon and melancholy indie folk rock. This album is about Solomon’s struggle with mental illness and the various ways his life has “cracked” for better or for worse. “Roll a Stone” has a dreamlike quality to it, the driving guitar part gives the hazy song momentum without losing its quiet beauty.

  1. Charly Bliss – “Ruby”

Charly Bliss, a four piece band from New York are one of the few bands who can pull off pop-punk well. In their song Ruby the strong mid tempo guitar part coupled with Eva Hendricks’ high, clear voice make for a true anthem. Their new album Guppy comes out April 21.

  1. Bat House – “Patterns”

There are several boundary pushing rock acts that move through time signatures like a knife through butter; but no one manages to do edgy and catchy like Bat House. This group of four recent Berklee grads is anchored by lead vocalist Emmet Hayes, whose soaring melodies will sit in your ears for week, months! But behind his powerful pipes, Shane Blank and Ally Juleen tiptoe all around the frets of their guitars. Meanwhile Nicole Pompeii’s explosive drumming takes Bat House’s sound to a level of sound not uncommon to the surface of Jupiter…or Allston basements. Start with “Patterns” off their upcoming self titled album.

  1. Agnes Obel – “Citizens of Glass”

Having Agnes Obel in for live music week was incredible. She’s been composing her fragile and haunting music since the age of 17 and become an icon of European contemporary music. However, she’s just getting started in the States! Her new album Citizen of Glass is rich with instruments, nearly all played by the artist. Start with the title track!

  1. Crystal Fighters “Good Girls”

Look no further because “Good Girls” by Crystal Fighters will be your quintessential summer track. After a three year hiatus, the English band Crystal Fighters are back with their new album Everything is My Family. Their album is full of love, warmth, and fun and will have you jamming the whole through as you and your friends are cruising down the highway to the beach.

  1. Jesca Hoop – “Memories Are Now”

Less than a year after her collaboration with Sam Beam (Iron and Wine), Love Letter to Fire, Jesca Hoop brings her latest offerings to the WERS live mix studio. “Memories Are Now”, the title track to her solo record, is an immediate standout; a straightforward song that is equally as heartfelt as it is empowering.

  1. Cameron Avery “C’est Toi”

Cameron Avery is extremely well versed in the workings of the indie music world. As the bassist of Tame Impala and a former member of Pond, Cameron Avery has taken inspirator from both powerhouse groups to create a romantic, sultry sound of his own. “C’est Toi” a single off of Avery’s new album literally means “It’s You” in French, and is about the last time he fell in love. Cameron Avery’s album Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams is out now, just in time for the romanticism of spring.

  1. NE-HI – “Sisters”

With this single from their latest album, Offers, NE-HI has created a song that worms it’s way into your brain. The upbeat melody and instrumentation are just muted enough for the message of feeling lost and unsure of where you’re going to break through, but it won’t stop you from humming along to the chorus every time it comes on.

  1. The Staves – “Train Tracks”

This English trio of sisters released “Train Tracks” as the B-side to their new single, but this deceptively simple tune is the real showstopper. Under tender and achingly hopeful vocals, there is the slightest suggestion of sound that builds to a finale that will leave you breathless and reaching to re-play.


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