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Your family here at WERS is with you during these uniquely challenging and stressful times. Now on our WERS Music Blog, we're providing our readers and listeners with a new series, called WERS Companion Guides, to bring you helpful resources to get you through whatever struggles you're going through right now. Check out last week's edition, where we highlighted resources and relief funds for musicians and other artists struggling during this crisis. 

This week on WERS Companion Guides, we're putting the spotlight on essential workers. From doctors and nurses, waste management workers, grocery store and pharmacy employees, postal workers and other delivery personnel, these people and so many more are making great sacrifices to help us all. Below are just a few ways that all of us can say thank you to essential workers, the people keeping the light on during these dark times.

Donate essential supplies

Many organizations and medical facilities are looking for donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE, like face masks) and other medical, cleaning, and sanitation supplies. Face masks in particular are of the greatest need, and donations of these actually don't have to be medical masks in some cases: Masks used for home improvement projects and other variations of the kind are just as helpful right now! Donating supplies greatly benefits doctors and nurses who are trying to protect themselves while still providing top-notch treatment to patients. Say thank you for all of the work our medical professionals are doing by donating what you can today to help keep them safe. Check out this online donation page by the City of Boston for information as to how you can donate essential items that will go to first responders and other public health partners in and around the city. 

Are you a sewist? Check out this Facebook group organizing local folks in an effort to handmake PPE.

Leave a Note

We're not talking about the car accident kind of note here! Essential workers in waste management and the postal/delivery services are the ones keeping our homes clean, and our supplies stocked while stores are closed. Let them know you care by taping a note to your barrels, your mailbox, your door, or some other visible location! A simple "Thank you for all that you do!" is sure to put a smile on their faces. While you may not know their names, it's important to let them know you care for the safety and well-being of each and every one of them. 

Make a care package 

Speaking of those in the postal/delivery service, their job is just as important and essential as any others right now, though we may never see their faces. They're one of the many undercover heroes of this time, and one way to say thank you to them is to leave a little something on your doorstep for them. On a hot day, leave out water bottles with a note for delivery personnel saying thank you, and that they can take some! Pre-packaged snacks are also appreciated: The pizza delivery man needs to eat too! Just make sure to practice proper handwashing and other sanitation measures before preparing some care packages, so we can keep our delivery workers safe. 

Put a Heart in your door or window

Decorate your windows or doorways with hearts and other symbols of hope to let essential workers on their way to their jobs know you care. These symbols and messages of love and compassion are a simple way to let drivers passing by know that you're thinking about them. This is also a great craft to do and get the kids involved with! See all the creations your child can make while letting them know how important it is to say "thank you" to all of those essential workers passing by your house every day.

Spread the Love on Socials

Social media is teeming with scary news articles and statistics right now. While our feeds may be full of a sense of hopelessness, help combat that by sharing your support for essential workers on your profiles! Whether it's shouting out an essential worker you know, or simply just putting out a general thank you, let's fill those feeds with positivity and love! Now on our Instagram and other social medias, WERS has a thank you out to all essential workers. Follow us and share the post on your own pages!

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