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Feist - “Borrow Trouble”

Feist’s new single, “Borrow Trouble” is a cluster of raw emotions that suspend and break through a self-destructive climax. On April 14th, The Canadian singer released her new album, Multitudes. She wrote most of the album during the pandemic. At the same time, the musician became a single mother and lost her father. The album’s themes oscillate between renewal and embracing the chaotic frenzies that come with life’s harsh spontaneity. 

“Borrow Trouble” is like a cluttered home with a warm, familial charm. It welcomes you into the vulnerable parts of Feist’s life—even if it’s a lot to take in at first. The track is unpredictable and describes the feelings of a rattled mother and mourning daughter. Specifically, the lyrics convey the struggles of an ever-changing life. 

According to Feist, “Borrow Trouble” is “a mess that holds its own logic.” The musician’s transitions between peaceful lulls and hysteric instrumentals fully encapsulate the “mess” that she unapologetically celebrates. Feist is set to go on tour this summer and share her chaos with the rest of North America.

-  Ash Jones, Staff Writer


Benny Sings feat. Remi Wolf - “Pyjamas”

Have you been looking for a song that reminds you of the opening scene of La La Land? If so, “Pyjamas” by Benny Sings feat. Remi Wolf is the perfect song for you!

The track opens with a funky bossa nova sound. Then, it slips into a piano melody with lyrics about seeing documentaries, making sandwiches, and going to the beach. “Pyjamas” connects to the well-known saying, “Enjoy the little things!” 

Listening to the song, you cannot help but feel like the two singers are in love, dancing around their kitchen and enjoying each other's company. The chorus encapsulates this: “Hey, wait, what we gonna do today? They say, ‘Don’t let it slip away.’” 

Then, they talk about how they want to be in their pajamas and wear flip-flops. Overall, just being comfortable with the other person is enough for these two. 

- Elle Dickson, Staff Writer


The Beths - “Watching the Credits”

"Watching the Credits" by The Beths is an upbeat, catchy indie rock tune that captures the bittersweet feeling of reaching the end of something you love. The punchy guitar riffs and soaring harmonies carry the song along a vibrant path. 

“Watching the Credits” is a testament to the New Zealand band's infectious energy and songwriting prowess. Lead singer Elizabeth Stokes's raw, honest lyrics perfectly capture the feelings of nostalgia and longing that come with saying goodbye, making this track an instant classic. 

“Couldn't keep my face straight. And I know very well that it's 'Show and Don't Tell' on the big screen,” these lyrics—melded with her unique delivery—add a unique, surreal feeling to the song. 

- Arlo Winokur, Staff Writer


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