Pick of the Week: Omar Apollo “ Evergreen”

WERS 88.9FM Pick of the Week - Omar Apollo - Evergreen
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin

By Breanna Nesbeth, Staff Writer

“Evergreen,” off Omar Apollo’s debut album “Ivory” is proof Apollo does it all. The album is a mix of genre-defying tracks like  “Invincible,” an alt pop energy-booster and a Spanglish trap song; “Tamagotchi”. “Evergreen,” is soulful and R&B-tinged, and gained the attention of millions after its viral TikTok moment in 2022. The song leapt onto the Billboard Hot 100, a first for Apollo. 

Evergreen trees keep their needles through the entire year. Apollo’s devotion towards a lover who fails to reciprocate the same feelings is now evergreen– unending. Apollo refers to this lover as “Evergreen,” and it's used as a proper noun throughout the song. 


In an interview with Variety, Apollo reveals “I never thought it was going to be the song,” when asked about his first charting single. “It meant so much to me, but I never imagined it would resonate the way it has.” The song had been out for four months after its release in April when TikTok users caught wind of it. It has since been used nearly 400,000 times on the app.


The part of the song that received the most attention during its moment of virality is the bridge. Apollo sings, “You know you really made me hate myself / Had to stop before I break myself / Should’ve broke it off to date myself / You didn’t deserve me at all.” 

Don’t let these tear-jerking lyrics confuse you. As vulnerable as the song may sound, it's more of an effort to make peace with a past lover, rather than a plea for help. “Please don't come home to me / Sweet Evergreen / He don't love me no more” 

Apollo’s vulnerability has paid off. The bridge is a deeply relatable moment for people anyone who's fought through a breakup, and bearing his emotions has made him a superstar.

Omar Apollo is nominated for best new artist at the 65th Grammy Awards, happening February 5th, and has shared he’s excited to put out more music with all this newfound recognition.

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