Pick of The Week: Arlo Parks “Weightless”

WERS 88.9FM Pick of the Week - Arlo Parks - Weightless
Graphics by Kaileigh Clark

By Cate Cianci, Staff Writer

After becoming an indie-pop breakout star in 2021, Arlo Parks is preparing to release her sophomore studio album My Soft Machine. In her statement accompanying the album release announcement, Parks’ sharedThis record is life through my lens, through my body.” To give a preview of what’s to come, Parks released the album’s first single “Weightless”. The song showcase the beautiful, yet relatable, lyricism that Parks does so well.



Arlo Parks arrived on the music scene with a bang, quickly becoming one of the best new artists to watch. Parks’ released her debut LP in 2021, and “Collapsed in Sunbeams” received praise from critics and audiences everywhere. She earned two Grammy nominations— Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album— for the project, and also went on to win best new artist at the Brit Awards and the Mercury Prize in the UK.

Arlo Parks has managed to make herself a Gen-Z icon in just a few short years. Her lyrics speak to the unique type of heartbreak that  young people face. She deals with these emotions through intensely relatable lyrics.



Despite being hailed as the voice of Gen Z, Parks crafts her lyrics to reflect a universal stories for listeners of all backgrounds. Her lyricism is in full bloom on the new track, where Parks discusses an imperfect lover. Her pop-perfect voice rings out “I don’t wanna wait for you” above a sea of synths. Parks uses these lines as a metaphor. She’s no longer willing to wait for her partner, making her “weightless” as the title of the song implies.

The song stands out from Parks’ typical style as with this track, we get a more energetic beat and heavy-synth production. Perhaps the track marks a new direction for the star while, yet her lyrical patterns remain the same. 



Throughout her career, we’ve seen Parks delivering a fresh, new take on old pop classics. This track specifically is a love letter to feel-good pop music. Parks provides not only excellent lyricism but impeccable production. The song features light and bubbly synths that glide on top of the beat with a flourish. The beginning synth melody takes me back to old Tumbr-era indie-pop. As with all her music, Parks goes deeply personal as she highlights different experiences of her life. Parks doesn’t hold back when it comes to showcasing vulnerability. As a result, she has amassed a large following, with listeners everywhere connecting with Parks' difficult, personal, and universal experiences.

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