New Discoveries: Wye Oak, Royal Blood, and More

New Discoveries: Wye Oak
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A bright beat, uplifting guitar, and a cheerful tambourine present "The Best Part." It's the first song on Eric Hutchinson's newest pop-jazz album, Before and After Life. Switching up his usual style for a jazzier sound, he gathered a group of New York musicians to accompany him with this joyful tune. A former film student at Emerson College, Hutchinson began writing songs during and about his experiences in Boston. Lyrics such as, "Said I believe, I believe, I believe that we're only getting started on the best part," truly express his excitement over his new chapter: him and his wife's first child together.

- Christina Casper, Staff Writer



Julien Baker is one of the only artists I know that examines suffering and introspection in such unique ways over and over again. In "Heatwave," the newest single from her album Little Oblivions, she explores how she perceives and understands other's pain. She wrote the song about being stuck in traffic after a car exploded because of a defect. She attempts to come to terms with a life ending in such a violent way. While one of her simpler songs musically, the lyrics do so much to express her vision and her perspective. 

You can read a review of her latest album here.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator



Wye Oak reflect on passing time and the growth made along the way in their latest single, "TNT." The Maryland duo, composed of Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner, formed in 2006. While some of their songs have a more rock influence, "TNT" has a gentle feel, with mellow instrumentation and breathy vocals. "But how many seasons till time ain't true, spring and summer, I learned from you" Wasner sings. "TNT" is Wye Oak's first new release in nearly a year. Although Wasner released her second solo album Head of Roses under the moniker "Flock of Dimes" this past April.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



Fun, raw, and energetic, England-based rock-duo Royal Blood's new track "Typhoons'' is sure to make you feel like you're living in the pop-rock dreamscape of a lifetime. After a four year hiatus from releasing music, Royal Bloods is back. They released their latest album Typhoons with the titular song mentioned above being included on the album's tracklist. The song's somber central story of an individual burying their trauma and emotions under drugs and alcohol is balanced extremely well through the extroverted, punky feel of the song. Punchy electric guitar and fun use of drums help make "Typhoons" one of the most convivial songs of the summer.

- Mason Standish, Staff Writer


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