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Consider what makes WERS special, what makes us different, what it is you love about this radio station. Maybe it's the music discovery, or the handpicked playlists, or maybe the fact that it's all commercial free...  

 But here's the thing, none of this is possible without listener support.

 Which is why this week, we need your help. When you make a monthly contribution today in support of the music you love, we'll send you some of our amazing swag bundled with a little something extra. Why? Because you're worth it!  

Choose from one of our coffee combos, or maybe gear up for cooler weather with our cozy combo (featuring our hoodie and socks!) The choice is entirely yours, but what can't be ignored is the importance of becoming a sustainer today.  

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Donations start at just $6 a month a go up from there. It 
makes all the difference in the world, so don't wait. Give now. 

Learn more about what it means to be a sustaining member here.  

Want to make a bigger impact? Learn about our 889ers Society

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