Green Day Rocks The House Of Blues

By Kate Bell:

Billie Joe Sepia

Billy Joe Armstrong performing at the House Of Blues. Photo by Kate Bell

If you Google Green Day 2016, one of the most recently asked questions is “ Is Green Day still a band in 2016.” After Saturday nights show the answer can only be a resounding yes. The band from East Bay California resurrected 29 years of pop punk and seemingly has no plans to stop now.

Starting off the night was the band “ Dog Party,” a pair of sisters from Sacramento who have a penchant for pink hair and plaid. The punk rock duo set the scene with their Joan Jett- “ Bad Reputation” vibe and warmed the crowd up for the sold out concert.

After a quick visit from the iconic and mysterious pink bunny, Green day hit the stage with their 2009 hit “ Know Your Enemy” and powered through throwback songs from 1992 like “ 2000 light years” all the way up to their latest 2016 single “ Still Breathing.”

The show was everything you would expect from a 90’s punk band though. With enthusiastic fans crowd surfing, head banging, and throwing their bras at lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day did not disappoint.


Dog Party 1

Dog Party at the House of Blues. Photo by Kate Bell

At one point after announcing that he had forgotten the lyrics Armstrong called up a random fan to continue on singing while he took photos of the over excited fan who did in fact know all the words.

After making a few fart jokes, laying down in the middle of the stage, and playing a plastic harmonica at saxophonist John Freese during one his solos Armstrong got serious for a second and told the crowd to get out an vote. But not for racism, or homophobia, or sexism and certainly not for Donald Trump, but for love and coming together.

To close out the night Green Day ended with hit “ Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” off their 1997 album Nimrod. The sold out tour will take the band to Washington, New York, LA, and Chicago before heading to Europe until February.


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