Discover 88.9 WERS: New music, deep cuts from your favorite classic albums and artists, alternative, indie rock, local rock, reggae, blues and soul.

Weekdays: 2am – 10pm
Weekends 4pm – 10pm, 2am to 6am

WERS is the place where new bands, local bands, and iconic artists play side-by-side. It’s like a rock radio melting pot. Give us an hour and you’ll be the first to hear buzzworthy new songs and critically acclaimed up-and-comers, blended in with deep tracks from names you know.  While most stations and streams stick to just one type of music, we add variety.

As part of our mission for musical discovery, weekdays are dedicated to keeping WERS listeners on the cutting edge of new, live and local music.  Wind down each evening with a romantic mix of R&B, slo-jam and soul. On weekends, check out our specialty shows featuring singer/songwriters, the best of Broadway, and Jewish artists.  Weekends also include our award winning local news and public affairs programming.

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