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Boston in 100 Words is a writing contest that invites all Boston residents to write stories of no more than one hundred words depicting everyday life in their communities. A team of renown, local authors have selected winning stories, which will be published in large format and posted throughout the city for everyone to read and enjoy.

We believe that storytelling is a powerful social tool that connects individuals to each other despite our differences. Through Boston in 100 Words, we seek to share placed-based stories about life in the city of Boston with each other. We believe that by doing this, our community will be stronger and our city a better place to live.

Boston in 100 Words is modeled after a contest that originated in Santiago de Chile in 2001. After years of success in Chile, the contest expanded to cities in Mexico, Colombia, Poland, The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. Boston will be the first city in the United States to become part of this transnational urban writing project.

This contest seeks to celebrate the city of Boston through a celebration of its people and their individual creative talents. Everyone has a story to share. We want to hear yours.

Check out the winners and honorable mentions below!

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