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WERS was the first public radio station in Boston, and began operating in 1949. It is professionally managed, student operated, and broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Recently the Princeton Review named WERS the Nation’s Top College Radio station. WERS broadcasts more live performances than any other radio station in Boston.

WERS listeners are well educated, affluent, extremely loyal, and not button pushers. Their loyalty to WERS extends to the businesses they support and products they buy. This is a loyalty you just don’t find everyday and you can reach this audience through your Underwriting Support on WERS radio along with our website. Your Underwriting Support on WERS can generate “top of mind” awareness for your business. It helps you reach new customers, and is a long-term investment in your business or organization. Your Underwriting messages will always stand out, because they are heard in a clutter free environment, as we only air a total of one minute of underwriting announcements every hour.

WERS offers custom designed “Underwriting Packages” to fit your needs which include on-air messages, web page sponsorship placement, hyperlinks to your site, and live events. The WERS Underwriting Department will work with you to build a package that fits your overall marketing strategy. These packages can be purchased to cover either the metropolitan Boston area, the South Coast region, or across our entire listening area.

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For more information about becoming a WERS Underwriter contact our  Director of Underwriting, Peter Kirchoff at 617-824-3993 or by filling out the form below.

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