New Discoveries: Kings of Leon, John Mayer, and More

New Discoveries: Kings of Leon, John Mayer
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Armed with an 80s throwback sound, John Mayer has made his full return after five years of scattered singles. This song in particular, "Last Train Home," represents the best of his artistry. It demonstrates his musical talent (keep an ear out for the guitar solo in the background) while also allowing for some fun. He proves over and over that he can make catchy songs that all sound different. At the same time, he displays his growth and comfort in experimentation. It's the perfect introduction to a new era in both the world and in John Mayer's career. He's emerged with a song to fit the ever emerging joy.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator



Opening with a prominent baseline and backbeat, the tone of "Lost Cause" is set from the get-go. Hearing real instruments accompanying Billie Eilish's voice differentiates it from the production of her last record WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? While this song about realizing your partner is too immature to be with isn't "happy" in the literal sense, the song feels light and fun in a way that we don't always get from Billie. Billie Eilish's sophomore album Happier Than Ever is set to come out July 30th.

- Meghan Hockridge, Staff Writer



Like Kings of Leon's biggest hit "Sex On Fire," recent single "Golden Restless Age" is about love and romance. But now that the band is older and wiser, this time it's seen through a new lens. Joyful guitar and synths lead into the first verse of flattery-filled lyrics. The song goes on to see them grow to appreciate the comfort of the current stage in their lives. The sound is recognizably Kings of Leon, but it still feels fresh and exciting. 

"Golden Restless Age" comes off of the band's eight album When You See Yourself. You can read a review of the rest of the album here.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


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