New Discoveries: Jake Bugg, Vagabon, Courtney Barnett, and More!

New Discoveries

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English singer/songwriter Jake Bugg sounds triumphant on his new single. While his previous songs were softer and more acoustic, "All I Need" mixes pop sensibility with his trademark bluesy vocals. The plucky guitar riff and knocking percussion invoke a very primal feeling, which perfectly fit his lyrics about some need to achieve satisfaction through greatness. These lofty aspirations lead to an especially anthemic chorus, heightened by the trumpets and gospel choir. It's a feel-good masterpiece that's sure to get you up on your feet in no time.

- Riley Greenstein, Web Services Coordinator



Vagabon's Laetitia Tamko throws her signature style on Tim Hardin's classic, "Reason To Believe." She joins the likes of Rod Stewart, Johnny Cash, Cher, and other legends who have covered the song Accompanied only by some soft guitars and her friend Courtney Barnett, Tamko gently guides the listener through the lyrics. Barnett jumps in to add harmonies, perfectly accentuating the emotion of the song. With soft strumming and a bit of slide guitar for emphasis, Vagabon and Courtney Barnett's take on the song  is both modern and classic.

- Meghan Hockridge, Staff Writer



Thriving in her own simplicity and style, Arlo Parks settles into herself on "Hurt." She lets her skilled lyricism take the spotlight over muted production, and her smooth, even voice is the perfect carrier for her poetry. The song starts off with a sort of soft yet brutal honesty that's so unique in her music, saying, "Charlie drank it 'til his eyes burned/Then forgot to eat his lunch/Pain was built into his body/Heart so soft, it hurt to beat." She's always been able to set a scene with such precise storytelling, and "Hurt" is a perfect example. Her debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams comes out later this month, and with three amazing singles already out, it's a guaranteed top album of 2021. 

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator


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