Miranda Rae, Sinnet and More New, Local Discoveries

New Discoveries

Miranda Rae grew up in Cambridge, Dorchester, and Roxbury. Watch her WERS At Home Concert here!

What new releases coming down the pipeline are you most excited about and why?

Come January 2021 you will get new music. I've gotten some great features like the music collective from Roxbury "Most High Kingdom". I've also worked


with Dutch Rebelle, Notebook P, and Tim Hall to name a few!

What's something you've always wanted to do music-wise but haven't yet?

I've always wanted to have my own tour. I just want to experience a show that isn't a showcase, that isn't about who opened up before me or the twenty talented people that hit the stage. I want it to be about Miranda Rae. Opening up for an artist on the rise would be amazing as well.  I have faith live shows will come back and everything will be okay! But this is why I appreciate platforms like DAP, Wicked local Wednesdays, BAMS fest, etc. because you're keeping live performance alive.


Sinnet has a rotating cast of characters and formed in Boston in 2010.

Their latest EP is called 'Tennis Elbow Club'.



Who is and what is Sinnet? 

Sinnet is the music project/band that I started about 10 years ago when I moved to Boston from Milwaukee. Eeek! Has it been that long?!? I'm one of those people who needs to create things constantly. Sinnet is my outlet for music.

How did you guys meet? What inspired you to start writing and playing music together?

Initially I found most of the band on Craigslist of all places. These days we've mostly connected through friends.

What song are you especially proud of making? Why?

"Lil' Flicker" off of our Tennis Elbow Club EP. It's an especially meaningful song for me. It's about the strange way memory works. Sometimes I forget for a moment that someone is gone or something has changed. Also, the synth sounds and 808 beats are fresh! Oh, and it's one of the few songs where I wrote the lyrics first.


High Tea is a new duo from the Boston area, and they just released their first album, Hell of A Ride! We spoke to singer/guitarist Isabella Derhardt.

How did you and Isaac form the duo High Tea?

We have been good friends since we were 17, and although our shared love has music has always been present, we never had the time to develop it! When quarantine hit and the pandemic shut down our in-person classes, we were able to pod up and start bringing our duo vision to life.

What was recording Hell of a Ride like? Did you guys record anything during the pandemic?

We wrote, arranged, recorded, mixed, and released the album all during the pandemic! The process started in the summer, as we'd sit outside on a picnic blanket and play though song after song, finding ones we felt would work well for a debut album. The recording process was done completely DIY in a makeshift home studio.

What is currently your favorite song?

My favorite song at the moment is "Black Holes and Overdoses" by Suitcase Junket. Isaac's is "Rare Thing" by Frances Quinlan (of Hop Along).


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