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By Megan Doherty

With the crisp fall air starting to roll in, it's time for some new music. Summer had a strong run of new relaxing alternative songs, but now it's fall-and yes, the leaves may be dying, but that doesn't mean your playlist has to. Fall has arrived to bring lively, emotion-filled alternative-rock music. So, we've got a playlist with some of the best new tracks to keep your fall 2019 rockin' and rollin'.


Alternative rocker, Yungblud, hails from Northern England. His energetic, punchy music combines rock and hip-hop influences, and his lyrics often navigate through contemporary social issues. Together with Dan Reynolds, frontman of the pop-rock band Imagine Dragons, the two created a song that brings a flare of rock back into modern music. "Original Me" sounds reminiscent of a heavier, rock-based Imagine Dragons song with a dash of hip-hop influence and liveliness from Yungblud. This track radiates energy about not letting people or life get you down for being yourself. And what song would be complete without Reynolds's signature belting scream? Watch out for this exuberant drop during the pre-chorus; it will definitely make you wholeheartedly ready for the day. Press play and dance around like your original self. 


The Band Camino released their first EP in 2016. Their debut album showed how much a band can mature (a lot) and refine their sound in just three years. This record proves that they deserve to be alongside the best of modern indie rock bands. Their lyrics mostly revolve around love and personal growth, while killer hooks and melodies dominate their sound. This track strikingly begins with an especially catchy guitar riff. Similar to how the song is about not being able to get your ex off your mind, you will definitely have trouble getting this tune out of your head. Its explosively energetic guitar riff and undeniable catchiness will have you playing this song on repeat. I know I do.


Following the success of his debut EP from fall 2018, Sam Fender released his much-anticipated debut album last September. Similar to Yungblud, the English singer-songwriter frequently writes about social and generational issues. My first time listening to this song, I thought it was about a date or a nighttime romance that would turn into something more. Fender captures this hopeful, excited feeling in the guitar and drum pattern that distracts you from the song's darker meaning. He told RadioX that he wrote "Will We Talk?" about a nightclub in Newcastle that he frequented. The track's lyrics focus on the heartbreaks he would see there with one night stands. So, even though he's writing about a non-romantic relationship, he still manages to produce a song that sounds beautifully tragic and hopeful. 


Bedroom-pop musician Melina Duterte, better known by her stage name, Jay Som, writes music that feels intimate. Her music reminds me of a casual jam session between close friends. She explores different indie sounds by incorporating various instruments into her songs. "If You Want It" begins with a dark electric guitar lick that starts simultaneously with the song. My favorite part about this track, besides the guitar and soothing voice throughout, is the guitar solo toward the middle. It's reminiscent of Cage the Elephant, which is one of my favorite bands. This song is the perfect transition from all the mellow summer alt songs. It has that relaxed feeling, while also being more lively and invigorating.


2019 has not been a slow year of new music for Foals fans. The band released an album last spring, a three-track single in September, and released another album on October 18th. "The Runner" begins with an explosive electric guitar riff. Its immediacy instantly forces you into Foals's heavier sound. This track serves to inspire listeners to persevere despite any challenges. The song goes, "If I fall down, fall down/then I know to keep on running." Then, a massive guitar riff follows that feels as though it's chasing us down, so we have to "keep on running."

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