Tobias Jesso Jr Rocks Boston


By: Lucas Frangiosa

When Tobias Jesso Jr. takes the stage he brings a presence to the room which is unlike any other. Joking and talking with individual audience members from his spot atop his piano stool, Jesso makes those who haven’t heard him new fans with ease. And, surprisingly, at his own concert many of the audience members did not even know who he was, they were more familiar with the hometown opening band, Wet. But nonetheless, after a few songs by the crooning piano man anyone would be swayed into being a fan. He has a knack for writing songs that you feel like you’ve heard before, and want to hear again. Overall, going to a Tobias Jesso Jr. performance will have you leaving with great vibes and in a great mood. Make sure to tune into WERS to hear all the latest from Tobias.


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