What is the Beasley Radio Talent Institute?


• The National Radio Talent System is the only program of its kind in the world . It's a system of Radio Talent Institutes on college campuses across America, each connected to the National Radio Talent System , to discover, coach and nurture entry - level talent for the industry.

• The Beasley Radio Talent Institute is an intense 10 - day program held on the campus of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

• The National Radio Talent System brings over 3 0 radio professionals to the Beasley Radio Talent Institute to teach all the sessions. You will learn from the radio professionals who are already successful in the broadcast industry.


• Only broadcast professionals from almost every aspect of the radio industry lead the sessions… on - air, sales, interactive, sports, news, production, management, marketing, programming, etc .


• Over the 10 - day Institute, you will personally meet, mingle with and network with 30 - 40 broadcasters . It could take years to meet and build relationships with this many broadcasters otherwise; this is an incredible opportunity for you .


• After completion of the Beasley Radio Talent Institute, you are highlighted to broadcasters regionally and throughout the state of Massachusetts on our website.

• Students who complete the Institute have a substantially higher rate of post - graduate placement to start their careers.

• Many Institute students attain internships through broadcasters they meet during the 10 days as well as get their first jobs to start their careers .

 • We often get the question, "Can I do an internship and the Beasley Radio Talent Institute over the same summer?" The answer is "yes."  You don't have to choose one or the other. To date, every radio station has allowed their interns to break away from the internship for ten days to participate in Radio Talent Institutes.

• All college, graduate students , and recent graduates are welcome and accepted from all universities in the state and region. A total of 25 students are accepted on a rolling acceptance, so the earlier you apply the better your chances.

• The Beasley Radio Talent Institute builds on the education yo u are already receiving by bridging the campus - to - career gap that exists for most college students , and is done in a way that is un - replicated.

• The National Radio Talent System provides a "Certificate of Completion" from the Beasley Radio Talent Institute and a "Radio Marketing Professional" certification from the Radio Advertising Bureau.

• The cost to you is only $3 8 5.00, and that cost includes a meal card for lunch to use during the 10 days. Housing, if needed, is available on campus. 

To apply, go to NationalRadioTalentSystem.com and apply.

There you will get all the details you need, including the dates of the Institute, the deadline date for applying, qualifications, the curriculum, etc.

We hope to see your application soon, and I look forward to seeing you this summer at the Beasley Radio Talent Institute. When you go to the Application page, there you will find what you'll need to send along with your application. Don't delay. By taking the initiative to be an intern at a radio station, that says to us that you are most likely a student the Beasley Radio Talent Institute wants and the kind of person the broadcast industry will want to hire.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Best regards,

 Ciara Jade

Director of Operations

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