Bringing Vinyl Back to the Radio


Back in October, we broke out the turntable for a day just to see what would happen - and our phones exploded! People called in all day long to let us know how much fun they were having, and then made donations to keep it going.

The ability to throw out the rulebook and play from a stack of vinyl all day long is just one of the many things your donation supports. Not to mention 55 minutes of music an hour, handpicked playlists, expert hosts - all without commercial interruption.


PLUS! When you donate today, you'll be entered to win a Summer of Vinyl courtesy of Dan - owner and curator of Prescribed Vinyl! This includes a new, hand-selected record sent straight to your door all summer long.

Here's what that means, in Dan's own words:

"I've always been recommending music to friends for as long as I can remember and about a decade ago I got into vinyl. A few years after that I started the Prescribed Vinyl website and made a lot of great friends at independent record labels/distro's and artists themselves. My first criteria is, the record has to be something I would own on my personal record shelf because I'm not going to sell anything to anybody that I don't already believe in / like personally. Secondly is that it has to be independent. Third, the album can't just rely on a single (or two) as the purpose to own it. I think the experience of playing a record is to drop the needle on side A/track 1 and then flip it when it's done (unless you're a WERS DJ of course)."

Winners will have their choice of genre including indie/alt rock, funk/soul, and electronica/beats. What you choose is up to you, but first, you've got to win! Here's how:

Make a donation in support of the music and programs you love on WERS between 6AM and 7PM today (4/11) and be automatically entered to win. Winners will be chosen throughout the day starting at 9AM so be sure to tune in - and you never know, it could be you!


Already a sustaining member? Then you're already entered to win! Sustaining members at WERS are automatically entered to win all raffle prizes, including everything we have tucked away for Live Music Week. Join them today at the popular $10 a month level. Join now.

Want to make the biggest impact possible? Consider becoming an 889er! More information here.

No purchase necessary to enter but we hope you'll support WERS. Full contest rules available here.

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