Join WERS at Boston Calling!


Have you ever wanted to go to Boston Calling but thought ‘wow those tickets sure are expensive how am I ever going to pay for something as awesome as that?’

Well, have no fear! WERS has your back. Everyone who donates today will be entered in a raffle to win VIP tickets to Boston Calling!

“What?” you may ask. “Did she say VIP?!” Why, yes, dear reader, I did say VIP. WERS only wants the best for our listeners, so if you donate right now, you will get the chance to go to Boston Calling and be treated like a Very Important Person, because to WERS, you are!

You’ll also get a t-shirt or hoody to sport at Boston Calling and make all of the other audience members jealous, because they didn’t listen to WERS.

Donate today, and go to Boston Calling!

No purchase is necessary, but we hope you’ll support WERS. Full contest rules here.

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