Behind-the-scenes at WERS: Meet Our Student Teams

Student Teams
Graphics by Ainsley Basic

A big part of what makes WERS so special is our student staff. This fall semester brought in many returning friends and lots of new faces, too! Meet the students behind a few of our behind-the-scenes teams, plus hear what makes some of them excited to get involved.


Student Teams

Led by Music Coordinator Tatum Jenkins (pictured on the far right) and Web Services Coordinator Nora Onanian (pictured third from right), the Music Writing Team writes the content you see on the WERS Music Blog and brings their unique music tastes and opinions to influence what gets played in Tatum’s All-New From 8 to 9 music hour.


Pictured - front row (left to right): Mason Standish, a sophomore visual media arts major and returning member of the Music Writing team. Christina Casper, a sophomore media arts production major and returning member of the MW team. Amber Garcia, a junior marketing communications major who recently joined the MW team. And Erin Norton, a freshman creative writing major who got involved with WERS and the MW team earlier this summer and just started a position as membership assistant.

Pictured - back row (left to right): Lauren Surbey, a junior writing literature & publishing major. Miles Levine, a freshman business of creative enterprises major. Grace Clendening, a freshman BCE major. All just joined the team. And second from right, Meghan Hockridge, a senior VMA major, a returning member of the MW team and the programming coordinator at WERS.

Not pictured: Returning member Kelsey Sidman, a sophomore VMA major. Sam Goodman, who just rejoined the MW team as a junior WLP major after being a staff writer his freshman year. And Mehvish Ali, a graduate student studying film and media arts who joined the team this past summer.


Lauren Surbey explains what made her want to join the team. “First, I have a passion for music writing and wanted to get to know others who have similar interests as me," she said. "I also wanted to broaden my horizon in terms of my music taste so that I can do that for others, too. My favorite thing is when people get back to me about a song I recommended to them, it gives me such an adrenaline rush.” Surbey said she's most looking forward to writing show reviews for the blog.

Miles Levine joined to meet others with a passion for music, adding “I’m excited to contribute to the music scene in Boston!”


Student Teams

Led by Graphics Coordinator Ainsley Basic (pictured on the right), the graphics and photography team is responsible for the stunning digital artwork and concert photography you see on our website and social media.


Carys Hirawady (pictured on the left) just joined the photography team as a first-year student and is a VMA major. Other new photographers not pictured include: Sam Wachs, a junior VMA major and a long-time listener of WERS. Will Ingman, a sophomore journalism major. Aleiagh Hynds, a sophomore MAP major. And Sarah Tarlin, a freshman MAP major and long-time listener of the station, especially WERS’ Standing Room Only radio show.


Sarah Tarlin (mentioned above) is also on the graphics team, joined by Ivy Wang, a sophomore Marketing Communications major.


“I’m super excited to be part of the WERS team since it gives me a great opportunity to work alongside a ton of passionate, motivated music journalists and combine my appreciation for music and journalistic aspirations,” shared Will Ingman.

Carys Hirawady said, "one of my goals for college was to become involved with a radio station so being part of WERS is a really fun opportunity.” She said she's excited to get more experience photographing live music and to get to discover artists she wouldn't have listened to on her own.


Student Teams

Led by Sponsorship Coordinator Cory Mack (pictured in the middle), the Sponsorship Team works to recruit local businesses as supporters of the station, and works on getting their business out to our listeners.


Amber Garcia (pictured on the left) and Grace Clendening (pictured right) are both new members of the sponsorship team in addition to being on the music writing team. Garcia is a junior Marketing Communications major and Clendening is a freshman BCE major.

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