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Beck Hansen is a force nature. Since his major breakthrough in 1994 with the massive hit "Loser" to his Grammy win for Album of the Year in 2014 for his Morning Phase to his upcoming record Hyperspace, he's ruled in popularity and artistic integrity. All day today, it's Becktacular on WERS! We'll pay homage to his massive musical catalog. 

Plus! You have a chance to win! Beck is coming to the Xfinity Center with Spoon, Cage the Elephant and Sunflower Bean on August 15th and WERS has an amazing opportunity for one lucky listener. Whenever you hear Beck on the air, be the eighth caller (617-482-8890) to be entered for premium tickets and a chance to have your picture with the man himself!

Contest rules below:

WERS Becktacular Promotion Official Rules

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