The Bright Light Social Hour and SWIMM Rock the Great Scott

B 2

B 11

A man walks into a bar with a blonde wig and a tight spaghetti strap top… yea this isn’t a joke.

Lead singer Jack O’Brien of The Bright Light Social Hour brought down the house in full drag at Great Scott Thursday night.

These guys are Austin, Texas natives and are touring with the psych pop duo SWIMM hailing from L.A.

The Bright Light’s southern roots combined with a deep house vibe create such an alluring sound that you can’t help but dance too.

Swim 19

Swim 10

SWIMM also decided to join in the flamboyant festivities and seduced the crowd in their long black gothic dresses. Their no shame attitude and eclectic set list was a great way to start the night off.

Great Scott was raging and it was only a Thursday!

SWIMM and The Bright Light Social Hour definitely started the Halloween weekend off the right way!

By: Amanda Best

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