Listener Profile

Public Radio Offers Many Unique Benefits

80% of public radio listeners have a higher opinion of a company when they find out if supports public radio
75% believe that when price and quality are equal, they prefer to buy products from companies, businesses and organizations that support public radio
58% believe that the businesses and companies they hear in business support announcements on public radio are more credible than those they hear advertising on commercial radio
Source: Edison Media Research

WERS & Public Radio Listener Profile

50.6% of WERS listeners earn over $75,000.00 a year
28.5% earn over $100,000.00 a year
60.6 % of WERS listeners own their own home
79.3 % of WERS listeners are college graduates
31.3% of WERS listeners have earned a graduate degree
73% of WERS listeners plan to attend a concert in the next 3-6 months
69.1% of WERS listeners plan to travel for their vacation this year
Source: station callout research March/June 2008

A Quick Guide to WERS Underwriting Support for On-Air Copy

As defined by FCC standards, Underwriting Support messages on WERS are factual and concise. For many businesses and organizations, this format provides an excellent opportunity to define their product, service or event in clear, honest language, and to direct listeners to a phone number, website, or location for more detailed information. All announcements begin with a consistent opening that includes the business or organization’s name. Then 20 seconds may be devoted to information about the business or institution and the products or services you provide. This information might include the following:
A value-neutral description of your organization and its offering
The location and/or duration of your business
A phone number and/or web address for your organization
Event information (time, place and description)

FCC guidelines prohibit public radio Underwriting Support messages from containing any of the following:
Qualitative, comparative or promotional statements
Calls to action, pricing information and inducements to buy or sell
Advocacy, ambiguous or misleading statements
Pre-produced announcements

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