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“State Hospital” by Frightened Rabbit

As the water begins to ripple in anticipation for their fourth studio-album release reportedly coming in early 2013, fans of the Glasgow-originated quintet Frightened Rabbit are thrown a figurative lifeline in the form of State Hospital. Long–time fans have yet to see a full-length album since March 2010, with the generally positive reviewed Winter of [...]

“Cedar + Gold” by Tristan Prettyman

In her third album, Ceder + Gold, Tristan Prettyman has bared all. Chronicling the intimate and personal tales from her split with former fiancee and fellow singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, Prettyman has created a record that reflects a very different part of her life than her first two. The cheerful acoustic songs of love and happiness [...]

“Half-Made Man” by Ben Sollee

Since his debut full-length album from 2008, Learning to Bend, Ben Sollee has established himself as a musician who isn’t afraid to lay it all on the line for his audiences, both emotionally and musically. Impossible to put into one genre, Sollee’s work is a unique blend of soul, jazz, and folk, combined with his [...]

Discover: “Babel”

October’s Album of the Month is Mumford & Sons’ Babel

“The Sound of the Life of the Mind”

It has been thirteen years since the release of Ben Folds Five’s last studio album, 1999′s The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. In that time, a Five-less Ben Folds released three solo albums and launched himself a pretty successful singer/songwriter career. In 2011, Folds reunited with bassist Robert Sledge and drummer Darren Jessee to record [...]

“Sugaring Season” by Beth Orton

It has always seemed contradictory when an artist approaches folk music in a modern fashion. When the key elements of a genre that prides itself in traditionalism are redefined by a musician, the question arises of whether or not their music is even folk at all. However, artists have proven time and time again that [...]

“The Carpenter” by The Avett Brothers

It’s not easy to tread the middle road between mainstream success and credibility. People are quick to pounce on the unexpected, the middling indie band turned arena rock stars, and instantly decry them for simply doing what so many other bands have done before them. After all, think about how many bands we wouldn’t have [...]

“The Rhythm You Started” by Sophie Madeleine

Much of this adorable British girls album was recorded in her home, adding to it that sweet self-layering that makes it so endearing. Some say her sound is similar to Feist, but she’s got some melodies of her own. She’s been involved in a whirlwind since her first album in 2009, Love.Life.Ukulele. Now The Rhythm [...]

“Enjoy the Company” by The Whigs

Despite its mid-September release, The Whigs’ new album Enjoy the Company reminded me of summer. The Whigs have mastered the art of feel-good rock and roll. Each song would be perfect for a road trip, late nights with friends, and summer barbecues. Of course, the album cover, which features a lone hot dog and a [...]

“Born to Sing: No Plan B” by Van Morrison

Some artists are lucky enough to make it to their tenth album and still have an audience. If they’re really, really lucky they’ll make it to their 15th album, with or without a fan base. So how does one make it to their 34th album without losing their groove? A good place to start would [...]

Emerson College

The Emerson Acappellooza Fundraiser

Come celebrate our school with performances from our own four a cappella groups: Acapellics Anonymous, Noteworthy, Treble Makers, and Achoired Taste. It will be a night filled with school spirit, positive energy, and fun for any person who loves Emerson College. Proceeds will go to Emerson Scholarships and Emerson A cappella. Sponsored by Acappellics Anonymous with The Spirit [...]

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