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“Weekly News: Why Patriots Players Are Refusing to Visit the White House”

This episode of You Are Here focuses on protests. It discusses why Patriots players are boycotting the White House victory celebration, why Harvard Medical students are protesting a Dana-Farber fundraiser, and covers a Black Lives Matter event. It explores the Oscars and its relationship with politics, how the internet has changed activism, and how immigrant […]

You Are Here: February 12th

This episode of You Are Here discusses racism in Boston and covers the city’s Trans and Queer Liberation & Immigrant Solidarity Protest. It explores Eataly Boston and its impact on the city’s North End and examines the ‘whitewashing’ of Asian characters in Hollywood. It also features two exclusive interviews: an interview about the importance of […]

You are Here: Miscellaneous Stories

You are Here: Miscellaneous Stories

This episode of You Are Here is comprised of evergreen and miscellaneous stories that aired over winter break. It explores the Every Student Succeeds Act that will replace No Child Left Behind and the impacts of gastrodiplomacy, also known as culinary diplomacy. It also examines why nudity is considered a taboo in American culture and […]

You are Here: December 11th

This episode of You Are Here provides an inside look into Boston Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker,’ explores how Boston’s homeless community stays warm during the winter, and features a story about the grand opening of ‘Boston Winter’ at City Hall Plaza. It also discusses how the Muslim community looks for advocacy among non-Muslim people and how […]

You are Here: December 4th

This episode of You Are Here explores the conflicts surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline, the ‘alt-right’ movement, and what Fidel Castro’s death means to first and second generation Cuban-Americans. It also discusses how Cambridge is “going green,” what it means to identify as “they,” and how Camelot lives on in the biographical film, Jackie. It […]

You Are Here: Taking Care

This episode of You Are Here is our “Monthlong Special.” Instead of reporters having one week to cover stories, for this show they had an entire month. Additionally, instead of bringing our listeners a wide range of stories, this show is focused on the theme “Taking Care.” This episode discusses how to make ICUs less […]

You are Here : November 20th

This episode of You Are Here discusses the future of a historic news kiosk in Cambridge, Frederick Douglass and an exhibit in his honor, and a local gallery that holds an annual AIDS benefit exhibition. It also explores Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights in Boston and features exclusive interviews with music producer and composer, […]

You Are Here: Election Special

You Are Here: Halloween Special

You Are Here: October 23rd

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